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There are no easy solutions to the challenges facing the church, but there is a healthier way to go about change. The question is whether there is a will to move forward to constructive and redemptive ministry.

Why Consultation?

Congregations face many challenges today. The current pace of change in culture and community affects the church as deeply as individuals and businesses. There are times that become crossroads where crucial rethinking needs to occur. Consultation affords the church the opportunity to assess their situation and discern their call into God's future.

A timely consultation allows a church to have the presence of a third party who is neutral to the vital interests of any particular agenda. A consultant can enable a congregation to establish agreed upon structures and processes where the church addresses challenges in a healthy manner, often experiencing spiritual renewal and healed relationships. In most cases the approach involves congregation-wide processes, and the success depends upon the participation of the congregation.


  • Worshipful Work - Spirituality and Administration

  • Easum & Bandy Associates - Seminars, Consultations, Workshops

  • Alban Institute - Cutting edge research, bookstore, consultations.

  • Congregational Resource Guide Provided by Alban Institute, rich in resources with categories in Administration, Building Issues, Congregational Vitality, Leadership, Public Ministry, Religion in America, Specialized Ministry, Spirituality, Worship and do not overlook Miscellaneous.


Indicators for Consultation

There are several circumstances when a church may want to make use of a consultant:

  • Significant change in the community
  • Need for envisioning future directions
  • Plateaued or declining dynamics
  • Major decision points
  • Conflict
  • Long-range and short-range strategic planning
  • Spiritual renewal

Some services offered by Consultation Ministries include:

  • Building Effective Teams

  • Congregational renewal retreats

  • Congregational/staff leadership retreats

  • Spirituality and church governance

  • Transition to missional orientation

  • Spiritual discernment process for decision-making at major junctures in the life of the church

  • Asset mapping for moving from ideas to concrete action

  • Conflict resolution

Consultation Ministries - "Splendor and majesty are before Him, Strength and joy are in His place." (1 Chronicles 16:27)

We are at a point where major cultural change has occurred, and 65-70% of American congregations are in decline. A great many of these churches are in intense anxiety about their survival. A deadly cycle often ensues where the pastor is held responsible for the growth of the church and made the scapegoat through forced termination when the growth does not occur. Once a forced termination takes place, it takes a church two to five years to recover and often they never do. Unfortunately, too many churches have track records of forced terminations and splits, leaving a wake of broken people and damaged credibility. All too often, help is not sought until situations are intractable. In such cases everyone loses.
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